Country Listings


Western Video Market
April 12, 2017

Lot #4027

Very fancy set of steer calves sired by Oak Ridge Angus bulls selected for a combination of performance & carcass genetics.

Lot #4112-A

Very nice set of full mouth 5-8 year old cows with 1 iron. Calves born 1/15-3/1 sired by Angus & SimAngus. Cows are running on ranch in Angels Camp and will be trailered to Cattlemen’s Livestock Market and loaded from there. 45 total pairs to sort from.

Lots #4115-4121

Very fancy set of 3-4 year old bred cows bred to Angus bulls due to start calving Aug 8, 2017 for 90 days. Bulls turned out Oct 28, 2016-Feb 1, 2017. Will weigh for truck if necessary. Preg checked 3/25/2017. Will re-preg at shipment.